Suzanne Escobedo, Director

At a young age, Suzanne recognized her love for children. Growing up, she spent time with them as much as she could by helping to care for those younger than herself. As an adult, Suzanne chose a career in teaching. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in education. Sue quickly learned that she wanted to affect change in the lives of her students.

As a mother of two daughters that were in their formative years, Suzanne was determined to find top quality daycare for her children. What she found was a community wide need for better childcare.

So, in 1989, Little Kids on the Block Family Daycare was born. It quickly became a great success thanks to her dedication and desire.

Today, Suzanne is recognized locally as a leader in early childhood development as well as a pioneer of the childcare industry. Little Kids on the Block was, and is, an amazing success story - with the proof in the heart of the children who go there.

Your child, too, can have the sense of pride, the sense of accomplishment, and the overall well-being that comes from being a graduate of Little Kids on the Block!
Little Kids On The Block Inc. 728 South Naperville Road, Wheaton, IL 60189 (630) 462-9644
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