"Thank you for all you have done for my son for the (almost) last 3 years. I have appreciated all that you do for the accomplishments and new skills he has learned."
- Catherine C. (2016)
"My daughter attended LKOTB from 2016 to 2020. In that time, she received the highest quality care. In this loving home, she was given structure and taught self reliance that has helped to create the confident child she is today. Exposure to age appropriate academic material has allowed her to embrace a love for learning and knowledge and has more than prepared her for a successful transition into full time school. Our daughter and us have a second family with Sue at Little Kids on the Block"
- The GL Family, 2020
"Sue provides a calm and nurturing environment for the children from babies on up. Sue’s curriculum is creative and engaging. I loved that my girls could be together at daycare."
- The L Family, January 2021
"We were consistently impressed with the many programs and activities you planned for her and all children under your care."
- Angela M. (2015)
"The kindness and patience in which she showed to all the children in her care was outstanding."
- John and Debbie S. (2013)
"She has greatly benefitted from the interaction with her peers and has learned great values while in Sue's care."
- Rebekah L., M.Ed. (2012)
"You show the absolute most dedication and love for your job coordinating all of the presentations during the year"
- Kathy V. (2010)
"The support, love and services you have given us is just great, and we truly appreciate it! I would recommend the day care to friends and family if in need."
- Robin and Bill K (5/15/06)
"LKB is so much more than a daycare. It is a warm, nurturing environment where kids learn, play and grow."
- David and Lori B., Ed.D. (2006)
"As you will soon learn, Sue maintains a very safe and caring environment in her home. It was important to me to find an in-home childcare provider for my son so that he was able to experience being at home during his formative years yet be educated and have playmates to help develop social skills. Sue is licensed by the State of Illinois so she is structured and follows all the rules and regulations set forth by Illinois. You can be assured that your children are safe, clean, and well cared for while at Little Kids on the Block. Sue does a great job of challenging and involving the younger children in academic curriculum ... Sue genuinely cares about the children she teaches as well as their families. This is evident by the daily tokens of affection. One of the amazing projects Sue takes on is the presentations at certain times of the year. It is astonishing how much the kids learn, and it is a joy to see them perform."
- Jennifer W. (4/21/06)
"I think the daycare is the perfect beginning for any little one."
- The L. family (3/15/06)
"I am especially grateful for the patience you exhibited in dealing with M’s separation anxiety. I can see that she has made progress in this area and other areas this year."
- The M. family (4/3/04)
"When N. took his admission test at Avery Coonley School, the school psychologist was very impressed that he knew so much. She congratulated me to have found a very good preschool for N. We appreciate and are thankful for your hardwork, dedication and creativity."
- Colleen C. (10/15/02)
"I have found Sue to be honest, reliable and caring. She has an excellent understanding of children, and works with their best interests at heart."
- Annette E. (5/7/99)
"As an educator, I was very pleased with the curriculum Sue provided for the boys. My five year old has learned all his prekindergarten skills, letters, numbers and social skills."
- Karen M.
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